Saturday, July 24, 2010

My trip to Oran

After a long walk in the fresh morning of Saturday, I sat in front of my computer to get back to my talks with my best friend: my blog.
I am having a period of reintegration to my life in the capital. As you all probably know, I was in Oran, a city in the west of Algeria to work with a program of AIDS Algeria.
We spent about 10days working along the beaches of Oran, getting in touch with families, and young people there, explaining them more about this sickness and how to prevent it.
I had what we c all a real experience…
I remember that I was hesitating between going to it or attending the conference of Seliger and I have just realized that I wouldn’t learn in Russia what I have learnt in Oran in couple of days.
I know what does the word experience mean now…believe me, I do…
I experienced so many kinds of feelings and I just feel that I am no longer the same one…
I challenged myself and even if I didn’t live a complete success, I came back happy with what I learnt.
I had to defeat my shy character, to go toward people, talk to them with no shame.
I had high doses of adrenaline when I went to the closed houses, I met prostitutes, I talked to them, I entered to their rooms, I even met their clients and Listened to their stories. It was such a big social shock that I handled with some tears for the rest of the day.
I met people, people who think, act, behave and do everything differently. These people couldn’t make any change in my personality but they made a change in my life… they gave me small lessons from which I gained big knowledge.
And I am glad to know that I have been and I will always be a good person. A person who can simply look at herself when she wakes up in the morning and this is the best feeling ever.
I am quite convinced that this trip will be a memory in few time, as soon as the next one will come but for now, I would love to thank all people who shared me this great experience.
I am thankful to everyone who contributed to my knowledge.
From the deepest of my heart, I miss all of you 

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