Sunday, July 4, 2010

To love vs To love

I still remember the afternoon of that sunny day when I was sitting with my friend “Bediang” talking about the true meaning of love.
What I remember most is this question that I have recently answered: can we love someone more than loving ourselves?
To come to an answer, I had to sit with myself and think of all people that I pretend being in love with. My mom, my relatives, my friends…
I thought for long time to realize that we all pretend to be what we aren’t.
Egoism is a feeling that we all live with. I don’t know in which situation you would use it but you do for sure, in one of these where you think that you are a true lover.
I give some examples:
If you have a piece of chocolate and someone asks u to give it to him and you refuse, then this is ego
If you give half of it to him, it is ego too.
If you give it all, then you love him more than loving your self
If you love someone then you discover that he loves someone else and you do your best to keep him beside you then this is ego.
If you let him go, then you do love him.
If you make of your parents a machine that distributes money, then this is ego
If you collect each centime to surprise them with, then you are a true lover.
I consider true love as something that we can meet few times in a life time. There for, each one should count well his steps before involving himself in any kind of confidence about his love feelings.
There are many ways of loving, and not all of them are good. So if you try to love to control or to want everything good for yourself then you are for sure exploding the entire situation that you put yourself in.
The human being egoism will always dare in the way of purity that you spend half of your life looking for , and the other half destroying it inside other people’s hearts.
I am not sure of adopting the right way to love people around me who I consider as the sun brightening my days but I am quite convinced that my ego is far away from all what I do to draw a smile, even a small one, on their lips

Thank you for reading!


IGBG said...

Nice reading your latest blog!
I've been thinking of writing a blog on love for a few days now -
on one hand, because I am in love with someone and it's not a reciprocated love, on the other hand, because a friend recently asked me 'what is love anyway?'.
My friend was hurt in the past - despite choosing carefuly who to marry, the marriage failed and bitterness is lasting for years. I don't know many people who need love so badly, and at the same time not trusting it will work the next time. So, to avoid pain she doesn't even want to accept that love do exist.
I, on the other hand, am such a strong believer in love, that at the first signs of love I can't wait for it to develope, so (sadly!) I often unintentionally suffocate it, overwhelming the other person.
Now, back to your blog - selfishness is a human trait, no point to deny it. But in the matter of love - if it's love indeed, then you should be able to love and don't seek love back...
It's dificult to explain, but I always try to make sure I love the person for him, and that I am not exhilarated with the state of being in love.
I hope you find much love in your life!

zahra said...

Hello there,
I would like first of all to thank you for taking time to read and share your opinion concerning my blog!

I, honeslty, don't have a clear opinion or feeling concerning Love...
I even doubt that feeling love can make someone really happy...
I think that you should go slowly with the subject of relationships and try to put your hopes and acts under control..It is according to me the best way to raise your chances to get what you want at the end... :)