Saturday, August 22, 2009

Apple C...(1)

Midnight, after a long day at his same boring office with the same simple faces, he is back home.
A cup of coffee, a cigarette, he puts the power, windows is charging.
Three w I want to meet what I couldn’t find in my office, my city, in the metro, in restaurants, with friends, in every single peace of land I went to. com
His cup of coffee obliges him to sit in front of his desk…

Midnight, she enters her room. The day was long. She had to run everywhere for business and house stuffs.
She takes her laptop to her bed; she is having a cup of hot chocolate or an ice cream.
Three w I want to meet what I couldn’t find in my office, my city, in the metro, in parties when I go with friends, in every single peace of land I went to. com

Tick tack, tick tack………… seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks the same life and the same evenings in both sides.
Midnight, three w you got a message from what you are looking for.
Do you want to open this window: Yes? or No?
So let us try. The same questions: hello, how are you?, how old?, where from?, what do you do in life?
It takes both of them again to Taylor’s time, but these are the formalities to enter this protected castle.
Tick tack, tick tack……, minutes, hours, days and weeks, life isn’t the same but windows is.
Is it midnight? He asks his friends while sitting all in a restaurant.
I should go. I have an important thing to do.
Analyzing, thinking, remembering an image, a voice, typed words, an e-person.
His final decision is to buy a ticket.
Airport of Ataturk, midnight, the same time, the same people, but windows today won’t be chagrining.
The e_love has become true…

Few days ago, I was watching tv while taking my breakfast. There was a program on a gulf cannel in which people call to give their opinion about marriage through the net.

I was quit surprised to hear that most of them were refusing categorically this idea but admit that they all enter chat clubs.
Day by day, my preferences go more for foreigners and I think that I don’t admire them only for their honesty, sincerity, true friendship, care and help but also for their pure hearts who treat a human being as a noble creature even if he is at the other part of the universe.

Ernesto, Horia, Souad, Mohamed, Ossama, Brian and many others are friends of mine in real life.
They all got one common point: they met their partner through the net.
They are all married today.
They are all happy.
They all assure that if they go back in time, they would choose the same person.

Technology has made of this world a small peace of land. Today there is no place that you can’t reach in 24H
So an E_meeting, a coffee shop one, or a traditional one are all meetings as long as you will finish by fixing some feelings toward the situation anyhow.
In the second part of this article, I’ll be giving the arab version concerning this subject.
For now, with the smile that comes to me remembering my friends, I wish them and wish to all people who truly believe in their causes just like them all the happiness on this planet.

Because life is short, love is precious and hard to find but ways are available, I sincerely hope that each one of us doesn’t loose all his chances to be happy for stubborn ideas.

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