Saturday, August 8, 2009

How much do you love me? (1)

To start this article, I would like to ask a question
What would you ask your partner for few days before getting married to him/her?
Let’s see what the probability and for sure not the mathematical one say:
If you are a woman and an occidental one, your needs can be between bringing you the most expensive ring with true diamante and being just the true love of his life.
If you are an Arabic one then it’s between the desires of getting married only, because all girls you know did, so why not you.
If you lived the end of the years 90, then you’ll ask for a house because you can’t live with his mother.
If you are a victim of the new tendencies then you want him blond with blue eyes otherwise your friends will laugh at you.
If you are an occidental guy then you just want to marry the one you love because the rest you can get anyway.
If you are a modern Arabic one then you just want to reproduce the old fascinating love stories that we are so proud of.
If you are one of those who married my friends then you just want her to cook, clean, stay home after marriage, love your mother, stop going out with her friends (boys) and above all of this a certificate of virginity is the most welcome.

For this first article, I won’t stop at any of the first points. Actually, what makes me write is the last sentence that I hear billion of times each year but for which I don’t find any explanation.

I don’t know if I got to laugh or cry for the poor miserable society that is just following imaginary rules put by people who just think of their own selfish satisfaction.

Marriage as known in our religion “Islam” is first of all: trust, love, self confidence, and share.
The Arabic guys of nowadays mostly have the total fan before engagement but once they decide to put the ring they just do their best to get what we call a pure one.

When I first heard about the improvement of the technology in medicine to give the virginity back to any girl who needs it, I was against it. I have always assumed that we are responsible of our acts and what we do, we should be convinced of it.
Now, after analyzing guys’ behavior I can assure you that I was more than happy to know that cheaters can be cheated on.
So before asking someone to prove what we can’t prove to him, I am quit convinced that we need to think twice about it.

My only regret is that my mother chose to be a nurse in a hospital and I had to be in the worst situations of my whole life each time one of my friends gets married and come to me asking for my mother’s help to get this dirty sheet of paper to prove “their love to their lovers”.

To conclude with this theme, I wish as long as I’ll live to never find myself in such a silly situation but if I face it then for sure I’d rather ask for a test of aids to both of us. At least, men and women in it are equal.

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