Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How much do you love me? (2)

I am back to spend a couple of hours in front of my laptop.
It’s quit weird that I am not posting since I spent a full a week which gave me many ideas to talk about..
May be the promise of not debating any subject is being respected…
I guess that for the ones who are used to read my articles it will be easy to guess that I watched again a new story concerning the gulf countries in which I was again astonished at the end of the movie..

I have a hug desire to ask the actress playing to main role about her feelings after representing in this last episode the nice, cute, educated, and good girl who “as always” gets married..
In the weeding night, her very simple and uneducated husband accuses her of not being virgin..
Actually, science is not the favorite subject of many people and I don’t know if it’s because exams at that time were so hard that all guys run away from the course..

Anyhow, the same night, he takes her to the hospital where the doctor confirms that she was virgin.

After this event, she refuses to forgive him for destroying the best days of her whole life and asks for divorce.. a great decision according to my point of view because living at two is based on trust and when this one is lost then nor customs, neither kids can make two people live together..

Few months ago, her aunt who deeply loves her asks for her hand for her son.
Her parents ask her to accept and so she does.
Unfortunately, she meets again the same problem.. doubts..
The second husband didn’t want to believe that she was really virgin and kept insisting that her first husband reached the divorce with her because she had a “dirty” past with another man..

Because she was pregnant, she tried to calm the situation and live it as it was even her father wanted her to leave him..
I think that nothing replaces the true love which makes you accept your partner as he is, for the one he is.
After giving birth to her daughter, she divorced for a second time and her hurt heart didn’t allow her to forgive him when he came back asking her to restart from zero as he understood he was wrong.
This story and billion of others are true. In the Arabic society it is really common to meet such a behavior.
For this reason, the certificate of virginity is today obligatory when you get married, something that –for me- destroys the beauty of the engagement at its beginning.

Writing these words there is something that makes me smile because of the mediocrity of these men.
If the same one marries a European one then he won’t ask her to be virgin.
And if he marries an Arabic one and asks him if he is virgin, he won’t appreciate it.

I understood when I came back to Algeria that the third world still needs a lot to change and start to make of the human beings creatures that have to be respected, accepted or simply left without any judgment in limits of no offensive acts toward the humanity.

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