Friday, August 21, 2009

How much do you love me? (3)

You are blond, your eyes are green, blue or grey, you are less than 22 and wear a modern scarf to pretend being what you are not, then no matter how empty is your mind you are the right one.

You have your own villa with a swimming pool; the last car made by a famous company, your mother doesn’t live with you then no matter how ugly, old, and miserable you are.. just take some roses, a peace of cake and go to ask for the hand of your blond..

Love 5 stars. Between lies, egoism, appearance and misunderstanding of the human, personal, social and religious values this image keeps being the façade of all life magazines in engagement in the third world.

Beauty for women and money for men, two ironic ways to choose the partner who is supposed as said” to be ready to share your life with its good and bad”

So let me just imagine that X is the blond lady and Y is the rich man.
Both get married for the previous reasons. After some months, years or centuries.. I let you set the suitable time to imagine that X in a car accident gets burnt.
Y from his side start a new project in which he puts all his capital but unfortunately, it seems that it wasn’t well studied..All the money had gone.

I’d love to take some sugar and coffee as Algerians do when they go to visit someone in his house and in my turn take a taxi as my license driving isn’t back to me and go and see this couple.

First thing I notice, it is the small kid who opens the door. Of course, even if I am not that expressive with children I have to put my hand on his hair, smile and ask him to kiss his aunt (me).
Curiously, he tells me: aunty, mummy is crying in the room, and pappy smokes a lot and shouts all the time.
In such a case, I’d just think of the poor children, victims of an irresponsible decision.
A decision built on virtual reasons that people never think how easy is it to loose them.
Beauty never lasts, money comes and goes so what lasts?
Behavior, challenges, sex, admiration, love?
None of them, actually.
It’s all about conviction and acceptance of the other as a person.
A person who isn’t perfect, perfection is for God.
A person who got a lot to give through her feelings, her mind, her life style, her pure things that build the personality.

I am quit convinced that my blogs aren’t going to change people’s minds in this piece of brown land where I live but I’m sure that what destroys others happiness I will keep writing about it with all the force I got inside of my heart.

Till my fourth post of “how much do you love me?” I wish that you go on your love all the right way..
Thank you for reading.

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