Saturday, August 15, 2009

A true feeling..

Feelings of the heart.
My day was long and so seems my life when I don’t get what I want.
I am back to Algeria since few weeks and I am still feeling that this trip was quit decisive, hard, and meaningful in many aspects of my life and above all of these, it was testing….

It was testing the degree of self confidence that I got… It was making me go over my limits.
Such a feeling I hardly support it and I prefer billion of times to reach Australia swimming than founding myself in such a situation.

For the coming days, I’ll for sure avoid debating about a sensitive subject as I noticed that I am changing my mind according to some personal observations which I think are opening my eyes and making of my blinded behavior a brightened one which my quit optimistic spirits judge as a new spark to change my life to the best.

I will no longer try to understand people’s behavior. It’s just too obvious that each one looks for what he wants, if not for what he needs and to be bad or good is relative to the objective which make me kind of sure that all people are good when they decide it.

One of my favorite Spanish songs says: I’m selling your memories and being new hopes.
With this sentence, I define my actual mental state. Sometimes, I feel that it’s more than a state.
It goes over all limits to make of each point of its aspects a decision that I strongly believe in.

I am not sure of all what I have chosen in my life till now, and I don’t want to be so.
However, I am quit convinced that the feeling breaking the doubts inside my heart today is going to define my way, my friends, my love, my career, my life, and my hopes….
From my hometown I thank all of you for reading.

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