Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Different...........for me.............


Living in such a big world is with no doubt is very big experience, where we meet, see, discover different kinds of people, having all their appropriate way of behaving.
So what is that style of life that I find strange?
That’s the question

You may expect from me to write about that time when technology didn’t mean anything, where people were so strange in their way of behaving and thinking.
You may expect from me also to talk about Europe or America, or may be about a trip I had recently to somewhere where people have weird clothes and food.

But giving you such an unreal example that you think I’m following other people’s opinion would be a lie.

In fact, today’s life in Algeria and Arabic countries is what I find awfully different from my thoughts
And which astonish and chock me most of the time.
Words won’t be enough to explain you what sincerely goes through my mind when I see how the society is going nowadays.

Yea! I find it strange that there are some people too rich, and others very poor and no one give them help.
I find it strange that men control everything and women are badly treated.
Isn’t it a freak behavior to give job for someone not competent?
I find it hard to believe that to build a house, people need ages.
Everything around me is so different. What I saw during my trips has always been simple and acceptable, but what I see here everyday, every second… makes me confused and give me an eerie feeling.
I think of these people wearing such stupid things just to look like to others.
I don’t understand why streets are full of cars all the day, oppositely to Europe.
Why are all the shops made to sell food only? No libraries; no good gardens, nothing normal !!!
What’s more is that I can’t explain also all these Chinese living in Algeria.
Whose country is this? Theirs or ours
It’s strange also that people pretend being Muslims but they behave in an intolerant way.
It’s really for me a cultural chock! It’s what I couldn’t understand and for sure what I’ll never deal with.
This is our society, in fact.
I find everything in it so opposite to a normal life, especially these murders killing people for no reason and pretending that they are Muslims.
Consequently, the world sees our habits and behavior as eccentric ones.
They aren’t wrong; even me I think so.

I may keep talking for hours, telling you how surprised I feel when I remember during the evening all the inexplicable things I meet every day.
This is was a general view of it, of a world that I seriously still don’t understand.

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