Monday, June 2, 2008

The birthday of my Spanish teacher ERNESTO.

it was a very nice day, we went all out for a lunch, we 'd searched long time before we found a small restaurant where to eat.

We first, wanted to go to the Lebanon restaurant but it was all full :(:(:(

Even though the food wasn't that good ( I remember that I didn't eat anything from it, uggggg!!!!!) It was a wonderful moment, just all people speaking Spanish and chatting.

coming back to the institute of spanish, we went to the garden with the cake.

the other teachers joined us and it was great.

they saw the Algerian gifts we brought for him: Djelaba, dolls, saharian things....

myself, I bought him a plate and small Shisha (argil)

during the courses, he knew that I liked it too much so when he saw it he started laughing.

we took photos, discussed, of course ate the cake .

nothing is more beautiful than growing with all your loved ones around you, thiking of you, making you happy

and this what happened to Ernesto

espero que todos tus dias sean maravillosos!

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