Friday, June 27, 2008

TV and its influences

Our world is based on technology and high process. Discovering the world is something really fascinating but travelling can’t be easy to get for everyone. From here, television entered as a big, easy and wonderful tool to teach people all what they need to know about the world they are living in.

However, disadvantages of TV are as numerous as its advantages.
In fact, today’s programs are full of offending things. Starting by violence, manipulation, and wrong politics views, and finishing by the cruelest thing: sex.

I don’t know if it is the fact that it is the representation of the information with sound and imagine that has this great effect but it is sure that it influences deeply the people’s behavior.
Violence in movies became so usual that doing it in real life is increasing.

Haven’t you seen how the percentage of crimes got higher the last years?
People aren’t making difference between fantasy and reality and they just think that all what they see in TV can be done in real life normally.

I guess this due to the lack of control to programs and also the fact that not all producers explain that what they are presenting on TV is not always true.
One other big problem we are facing is the influence of politics views. The manipulation is becoming more and more frequent in TV programs.

Lies are told very easily and people just believe everything they see and get influenced quickly.
What’s more, manipulation isn’t only limited to the politic but to something really worse: sex
It is for sure the first thing that I don’t tolerate at all. They make of your children perverts at young age. They teach them how to rape, how to be animals. They throw away the beautiful meaning of it to replace it by an inhuman desire.

Just think of it. When your child is watching TV and then meet randomly these dirty things, what can you do after?
This why, all what is shown on TV should be controlled.
For example, we have to limit the access to these dirty channels. Of course what can be better than this, is to completely erase them but they think that making of them something virtual pushes people to stop looking for it in real life something with which I don’t agree.

People should also know that the point of views proposed isn’t always what must be followed and everyone has his own thoughts built on what he believes in.
The most important thing is to control violence. Movies are just movies. Superman isn’t really a super man and he doesn’t fly. How many children died after trying to do same thing?
It’s really important to give each movie the minimum limit of age to be watched.

As a summary of these ideas, I would say that what we should do first is to sensitize our children, and then to control the programs, also to put some limits for them
Still that the good education and the wild knowledge is the most precious thing that guide everyone to the right way and help him to find what is true and what is wrong.

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