Saturday, June 28, 2008


How strange is life? It took everything, even you Dad.
I've finally found your only pic so that I can write about you.
I wonder if you still think of me. Do you miss me?
I don't know if I do. I don't know what do I feel. I just think of you too much.
I still remember these days when we used to go to take Ice_cream together.
It was a great time.
I still remember you taking me in your arms. It is something I didnt do anymore after you'd gone.
I guess whenever I felt down, I just needed you to be with me.
I promise that if I have one day to get children to chose a great father for them.
I promise you that they won't be lonely as I am without you.
I wonder how you look now? I'm sure ur hair isn't black as in this picture.
I'm sure you start to look like a grand father as your young girl is becoming a mature woman.
I wished if you could be here to celebrate my birthday, my success in studies
or simply that you share my pains when I feel down, sick, when I lose my best friend, or simply when my first love leaves me for no reason
As much as I wished to be a mother, Iwished that my children know you, go out with you and beg you to buy them some sweets.
I guess that I better do to stop dreaming.
The one who said:"Impossible is nothing" didn't think twice before saying it.

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