Friday, June 20, 2008

yo y tù....

I close my eyes, tracing the way you take
I see a spark at the end of the road.
I gaze your smile, caressing your cheeks, I feel that my soul wants to fly, to touch the sky, and to dream.
To dream of a world where people are like you: soft, magnets, faithful, destitute of every deceit and share with their heart.

the words meaning lie, deception, cupidity and calumny aren't for you.

I'll keep loving you forever. We'll stay together even if life trys to separate us.
you were the nerve that maintained my heart alive, but now you'd gone.

I know that in this world,I am an apprentice, I know that the pain is my master
I am not sad!!!
life never keep the one I love and care about beside me or netheir the ones I hate further away.

If I did fooleries then forgive me.
knowing that you'll always stay far from me drives me frantic.
I feel that I am very frail without your sincere feelings.

I burst into tears whenever I am alone, whenever I remember the great memories I had with you.
I dedicate these words to everyone who lost someone that he deeply loves.

no matter if I have to die tomorrow, I've recived from you a big feeling that was abchored into my soul.

I love you deeply

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