Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I've been living in this world for long years...Exactly 20 years.
During all this time, I met what we call friends, I trusted my self sometimes and gave up things other times. I did crazy things for some people and I didn't care abou others, I loved sincerly, I gave the best of the best I could have just to show my honesty and sincerity. I've never hurt someone's heart and I 'm proud of this. I'm sure no one cried all the night because of me, as I did because of others, I've been cheated on many times in order not to say 10000 of times.

My disappointment reached the top of its limits.
But today is another day, after realizing all these things I just understood that the best way to be ok is to be lonely
Tears when they come will have a meaning in this way. You'll see that you cry because you are alone and not because someone betrayed you.
looking back , you don't find any explanation to people's behaviour.
you'll be even surprised!! how comes? cheater live a big happiness and true lovers, true friends..... are just suffering from the injuries of life.

You regret all your sacrifices, all your love, all your trust, all your pains, all your innosence .......
you'll feel sorry for all the mediocre actions of hurt that your loved ones caused you.

that's why.... I see that being lonely is just a way to be safe and live relax, even though I know that life without friends is like turkish tea without sugar.

you don't find anyone to whom you can open your heart and talk when you feel down, you don't find anyone to go shopping with you, no one to laugh with and and and .......

the world is just too complicated ................

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