Monday, June 2, 2008


I've always wondered who can be the person I may turst and count on her whenever I need help, advice, or simply to talk and feel better.
as long as Ive been looking for the answer, I didn't find it till I sat one day alone in my room and thought deeply from my heart.
I looked to my friends' pictures, email, phone numbers....... and I finally understant that the only one who will always be here for me is simply ME

I remember the days when I felt down, sad, or just needed to talk and used to call my friends.
I remember these moments because I was realizing that everyone runs for his own benefit, and aftet your parents, there is no one who will love you sincerly and dedicate all his time for you.

I realized that friends are people who like spending time with you when you are in good mood.
but you are always present for yourself when you aren't good.
Ive realized also that GOD "my allah" is always here to help you, no matter how big is your problem.
he waits for your prayers to rescue you, so why do you ask people for help then?
you can't imagine how many times i felt bad in myself and how many times I 've got disappointed at people I could do all the crazy things for them. But there is onething I can never forget: my Allah was here and helped me

Be strong, never let someone make you feel down, and believe that even if all people leave you, your God will always be here.

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