Friday, March 20, 2009

Reasons why I have a list of next to death challenges...



What a day! What a day!

It was 7h30 when I woke up.

As always, I had just the necessary time to get ready for my cooking course that I take every weekend.

There was no taxi, so I prefered to go on feet.

While walking, I wasn't expecting what happened to happen.

I was not expecting that windy day of spring to be a close to death day in my life.

At 100 meters, The road was totally closed. Policemen were everywhere. nearly no one walking in the street.

And...I heard a huge noise.

I understood that it was a bomb that they could stop in time.

Of course, I got no energy to run away, and even if I got it, I wouldn't do so.

I entered my school and had a long tiring course in which I did half of the work because the teacher decided so, as I was absent last week.
While all my colleges were inside a noisy talk about the morning event, I was thinking about something else.

My blue list of challenges that I put few weeks ago on my wall. I called it: "things to do before I die".
From all things present on the list, I could accomplish less than five.
But I was still beleiving that the rest, is something I can do, and I really want to do

Life is too short, and you don't know when you will be leaving it.
There for, I am doing my best to make all my challenges come true
So that if today is the last one of my life
I will live it deeply.
I will tell all people I love that I love them
I'll cook till I feel my back broken
I'll take a tea talk again with José
I'll call Ayham to tell him that he was very special for me
I'll go to see the sea
I'll open my laptop and post a msg for my friend Phil.
I'll be myself, as I have always been.
I'll listen to the same singer, Read the same books, Pray the same God
and for sure act the same way
these are reasons why I didn't feel afraid today
My life is already planned as a next to death one
no matter how close or far is this one, I'll be me!

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