Thursday, March 19, 2009


Nearly 21h.
In front my computer, listening to the huge noise made by the tv program that my grand father was watching, I tried to empty my mind after a long tiring meaningless day.

It was 7h30 when I woke up. I wanted to sleep more, but looking at time on my phone, I understood that in half an hour I won't be able to sleep again.

My cooking course starts always early. Just time to take some toasts with my milk chocolate after having a wash, praying, and putting my blue jeans.

Just few seconds after arriving, my teacher of cooking asked me to make a puff pastry and a cream. He has to give them today and asz we were taking the course with him, he got no time to prepare them.
That's how, my day went from being a cooking course to cooking for commercial benefit of my teacher.
Anyhow, this is one of the smallest things that can hardly affect a depressed Algerian young idealist woman.

After the course, I went to the School of German, where I am supposed to start learning some - as it was one of my challenges for this year-
Another deception of the day! The teacher was busy all the week, and I won't be able to have class daily as I was planing to do.

The rest of the afternoon was quit interesting. I met my mom in the city centre, and had a long walk to buy some needed stuff to have a well studied nutritional dinner.

Back home, I could badly collect my energy to cook and eat some.
My bed was already calling me, with the bachacke I am suffering from these days.

I remembered that it is being long time since I last posted some articles here, because of my busy days with exams, so I took a cup of orange and decided to post something.

my tea talk is still in my mind, even though checking the blog of my friend, I found that he posted nothing in relationship with it.

I am having a deep feeling of loneliessthese days. Oppositly, my life is really busy.
The coming weeks, I'll be having class daily from 8h to 8h and from 9h to 13H during weekends.
and my idealist mind still have fears of being lonelyall the time.

My friends are getting fewer. Actually, it is not a mistake in playing baseball kicking many people out of my life. As a friend, is not someone for benefit.

I am still trying to understand how do people act and as hard as I try, I find myself getting into a crash with the 5walls of my room.

Relucantly, this society will not change till people understand that being arabic doesn't mean that I eat bread daily.
I don't like it
Being muslim doesn't mean I am not open minded,
Being young doesn't mean I didn't realize anything in my small existance.
and of course, being different from them, doesn't mean I am weird. It simply means that I have my own perception about the world.
A perception of an idealist one, of a frail heart but a strong mind with which I don't wish to change the world, because changing it is firstly change oneself, but I simply wish that finally we understand eachother and can make our lives going in better way.

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