Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A tea talk...

A tea talk…
I switched off my computer after posting some comments on my facebook.
As always, I didn’t take that much time thinking of what should I wear.
I simply took my black jacket and red scarf and went out.
Actually, I was having a meeting.
I know, half of people would wonder what is wrong with me these days, having all these weird meetings.
The answer is quit obvious! I am simply going out with my friends.
At least, my life starts taking another aspect, or lets just say: it is still the same busy one , full of studies; with one more personal touch: sharing some of my time with people I really like.
My meeting was at the 17th at 17h. Funny! Yea.
But I enjoyed the idea .
It was the first time that I arrive exactly at time. I didn’t stand up for long time in the street.
It may be because the person I was meeting was punctual.
José Antonio is a new friend of mine, and the difference of age between us makes any silly Algerian wonder what makes me enjoy spending time with him.
Another obvious reply comes to my mind. I liked him even before meeting him as a person in real life.
I realized when I met him face to face that my opinion was right and that I was having a true friend.
The tea, the view from his house over ‘la baie d’Alger’ was just a pretext to spend the afternoon and half of the evening together.
I do admit that I wasn’t feeling that confident. I could hardly put two words together and felt really embarrassed.
This is not new for you! Right?
Anyhow, … Back to my main story.
Just after arriving home, I had a general look at the whole of the house, a place that I loved a lot.
The living room contains a large window open to the balcony from which you can admire a spectacular romantic high view of Algiers.
It reminds me one of my challenges in which I have to go to Istanbul and take a Turkish tea over the bridge of Bosforo.
The situation is quit similar, as in both cases, the place is high and gives deep doses of adrenalin.
The kitchen even though not looking that big, seemed to me very sweet.
I had to prepare a traditional Algerian tea as promised, and José had to find a nice music.
Before going, I was wondering what I could say to keep a long discussion going on.
But once there, against all my planned situations of an idealist person, the evening was nice and I even had to leave- after my mom’s call- stopping our chat shared with a third friend who joined us by what I call “ biologic men curiosity”
The funnies t thing in all of that, is that he used to be a virtual facebook friend.
Heheheh! The world is too small.
Summary of this day:
I met a very nice person, sharing simply and purely with his heart.
I enjoyed myself drinking a tea, drinking jus and tasting a typical Spanish sweet: turrón
I understood that I wasn’t the only one having this feeling of loneliness, and I also could be convinced that even feeling the same, you can make the person you are with forget about the worries, no matter how cold is the tea you make, how cloudy is the weather above the view and how low is your level of Spanish.
Because after everything you live, only the awesome memories can be kept along your left banal hours of the day, to draw on your lips a smile! A true smile!

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