Thursday, May 29, 2008

memories of childhood

My childhood

I don’t remember that well my childhood, but it was a nice period of my life.
I used to be a very active girl, always moving from one place to another one
I was also talkative too much!!! Especially at school.
I used to have the hair short all the time, but I was very pretty with the short dresses and skirts I used to wear.
I liked rice, spaghetti and chocolate too much (I still like them now)
I used to wake up early just to see the sun rising.
I liked the smell of the coffee in the morning,
I don’t know if I can say about my childhood that it was simple, because thinking of it now, I can see how busy and active it was.
I used to enjoy every single moment in it, which is not the case now.
I was so sensitive and thoughtful; I used to show easily my feelings whatever they were.
My teachers liked me a lot; they were a part of my life, of my family sometimes.
I have always enjoyed the courses of mathematics and English.
My passion was colors, especially in flowers, and roses.
I used to play the role of a doctor because it was my work dream.
Looking like to my parents was a big thing for me: I used to play with the pencils of my father is his office of architecture.
Cartoons were the thing I most enjoyed, especially about princesses.
My friends were my dolls, I used to spend all my free time playing with them. I used to talk to them, to make clothes for them, …
At school, I was always the best one, I had everything to appear as a very smart student.
I remember I had a class mate called MAHMOUD, I used to spend all my time with him because he was also a good student and we were all the time supervising each other to see who will get the best mark.
During my holidays, my uncles and I always went to the beach, it was so great !!
They used to put me on their backs and swim. Funny , yea
At that time, my favorite color was red for clothes, and green for eyes.
I would do anything to change the color of mine and to have them green with grey.
Any way, I do like them today as they are, brown.

These were some aspects of my life as a child; I may take ages to tell you about all what I used to do and to like.
But one thing is sure, it was time of innocence and happiness, time when I lived every single thing strongly and deeply. Maybe since that time, I didn’t change that much
I still live with the same sensitivity and purity.

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Phil Marx said...

Here is a song that my father used to sing and play on his harmonica when I was a kid. Listening to it should make you happy that you have beutiful brown eyes.

zahra said...

thanks a lot