Thursday, May 29, 2008

why ?

The reasons of the backwardness of my country

Algeria, a2381741km² is on of the biggest countries in africa, with big potentialities and huge capacities to become the commander in chief in all africa and europe
However, it stills under developed . this contradiction take us to wonder
Why is Algeria in the third world even it is rich? What are the reasons?
To start with, I ‘d take you more than 78years ago, before France colonized algria.
At that time, Algeria was the power of the world, with its boats
Once it helped the atamans, the boat was totally broken and the conflicts started here.
Because it lost its power and it became the aim of others countries.
And France came….. The war started. During a century and half. People were killed; wealth was taken from agricultural products to gas and petrol.
Young people all had to defend the country. They left school, and the number of educated people started to drop down highly.
The small number who used to study, were obliged to take to French program based on changing the mentality of people and kill the Muslims values on them.
And it is not all. France took big amounts of money from the treasury.
And burnt hectares’ of rich lands to hinder people from eating and to oblige mujahidin to (se render)
Once France went out, it let Algeria in very bad conditions, all destroyed.
No buildings, no lands, no money, no educated people, no factories…
Algeria knew that moment; it was going to start a big step, the step of building again from the first stone all the country.
As consequences, we had one century and half behind nations.
We could manage to build and organize the country but in vain, it didn’t last long time.
In 1988, the terrorism started, the insecurity reigned everywhere.
Again, people were killed and houses and buildings were destroyed, which cost a lot to the government. The medical care, rebuilding houses, giving new ones to these who lost their houses, forming polices and security agents and send them to the mountain to find these murders.
What’s more, the government was all mixed and in very bad conditions. Conflicts and cheating;
The problems inside were bigger than what they where out side
Everyone in the power was looking for his own benefit and wanted to get money and to assure themselves and their friends good situations.
So the country has never got the possibility to grow, till the last president came
Things started to change slowly.
Yes! Slowly. I explain why?
Because now the government is more organized than what it was before but the population is lazy
Students even with high level from universities don’t know how to deal with their jobs.
Workers as we see them everywhere, they work for one hour and take rest for 15
Oppositely to Japanese and Americans
As an example: a Japanese employee produces 12 times more than an American one
And when they are in strand, they don’t stop working but they add hours of work to tire themselves and oblige the employers to worry and then to give them what they want.
Add to this, the fact that in universities nowadays, money brings everything.
Students can get the degree just by paying for it without attending classes and when they enter the world of work, they destroy everything, taking the place of the hard worker who are looking at their diplomas put on the wall of their room.
From here, another problem of starts.
Hard worker and smart people who don’t get a job, immigrate to other countries where their knowledge will be awarded and recognized, where they have to possibility to prove that they are able to discover, to improve, to participate, to simply contribute in the improvement of the life and the technology.
Isn’t it another reason to be at the last of the list?
Yes, it is, unfortunately.

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Phil Marx said...


Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. I began writing some of my own thoughts related to this post, but it is a very complex subject and it takes a while to explain myself well.

I will write back to you later on this, and I'll look forward to hearing your opinions on my own thoughts.