Friday, May 30, 2008

love and grief

Love, this great feeling that makes everyone dream.
This feeling that gives faith, courage, determination and force.
and its grief..... the most horrible feeling we can never feel.
the one that destroys, hurts, kills,..... what can I tell more than this?
I've always heard about love when I was a teenager, I used to laugh at people crying for it
I was so sure that it doesn't exist.
I was wrong!!!
I've realized it , yea.
I have understood that love is the oxygen of the heart, it is what makes you wanna fly
don't laugh at me, it is true.
with all its innocence and purity , it is the food of the spirit
When i talk about love, I don't mean only love toward the opposit sex as relationships only but I talk in general
u can love ur mom, dad, friends, .....
I do admit it, love is beautiful but ......... grif of love, aren't they so hard?
Don't you feel that all your world is broken whe someone betrays you or simply hurt you for no reasons.
If you don't do ,then me I do.
it is too awful to spend nights crying, to give up all your dreams, to feel depressed, to stop making efforts just because someone who doesn't really know what is love , hurts you and leaves you with your tears so cruely.
that's why; we all gotta love sincerly, honestly, and innocently so that we never regret
God always rewards the sincere person
and take care of the ture LOVE

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