Friday, May 30, 2008

The superb Lina!!!!!
This is Mohammed's bithday cake; u c how small it is !!!!!!!!!!

The summer of 2007; wonderful time it was ....I love the sea
This picture reminds me too many beautiful things
it is a view from a building in Istambul (Turkey)
u just notice that nothing goes when memories are here
u gotta close ur eyes and think of the nice time, it is always in everyone"s mind and thoughts
well...I think it stills in my heart but not in other poeple's mind

whenever i look at it, i remember the great summer i spent
yes, because i got it during the summer!!
I remember someone very expensive
someone I liked more than any other thing in this world
but because it is white and black, it reminds me the big pain I felt when I lost the person Iwas ready to fight for .
this is just how life goes, it doesn't keep the ones u love and care about beside you, never the ones you hate further way

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Phil Marx said...

I assume thes photos are of the Mediterranean Sea. Are there ever any cases of people being attacked by sharks or other creatures there? It seems like this is becoming a more common problem in the coastal waters of the United States.