Friday, May 30, 2008

The new version of Sandrila's story

When the young Sandrila was doing the house work
She heard a voice and saw someone trying to lurk
She started to shout
And asked him to go out
The magician (very afraid) quickly came
And implored her not to blame
Sandrila ( very surprised) asked him:
how do you know my name?
With a naughty voice he explained her that she doesn't have to think
and put between her hands a dress in pink
Sandrila:"ahhhh ......what is it for?"
"It's really the kind of clothes I adore"
magician:"don't you know? the prince is looking for wife"
hahahah , i know my news always cut like a knife.
Again, he begged her to attend
the party which will be during the weekend
Sandrila, happy to get this chance
Decided to take it and go to dance.
When she arrived there
All people started looking at her
The cameras were ..."tchak, tchak, tchak" in pictures taking her
When the prince saw
lady Sandrila, he forgot the law
That after midnight,he couldn't stay awake.
But he commited the mistake
and danced till he felt asleep
Sandrila couldn't keep
her anger inside her
she tought a bit, and noticed that there is something she could do
she removed her glassy shoe
and hitted the prince
on his head appeared something blue
Sandrila laughted and said:
"you can't imagine how happy I am
I have passed the exam
because I didn't lose my shoe on the strairs
and I arrived with the two pairs
I finally got this guy
so I've to tell you now goodbye"

written by zahra
may 2008

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Phil Marx said...

So, I guess the moral of the story is that she doesn't need a Prince Charming to come and "rescue" her.