Thursday, May 29, 2008

My teacher

Unforgettable teacher

I remember well the first course I had with him. I was stressed and so anxious.
It wasn’t the first time that I had to study with a new teacher, as they change every two months.
It was 5pm when he opened the door of the class and said: hi everybody!
I looked at him and smiled.
Yea I did!!
He seemed so nice, so kind. I took a very long breath. I was sure that it was going to be a wonderful course.
I felt more comfortable to start studying. His method was for sure one of the best I have never seen.
Calm and confident, he used to give the write answer to all our questions; and this made me adoring him more and more.
I liked him for his open discussions, for the time he gives to everyone to explain well the lesson for us.
I may say he influenced me, yea! I idolized that great person brightener than the stars.
He made me see the course in a different way. I used to attend all his lessons with a very immense pleasure.
The home work he used to give was the first thing I did once at home.
I still smile when I think of his looks with the green eyes he has; when I think of his steps in the class
I simply remember a remarkable teacher.
I remember how he used to walk between the tables; I remember his jokes when he used to tell me: “don’t cheat Zahra, do the exercises without looking at the keys.”
How can I forget such a priceless person who gave me advices, help, spirit of working in a group and also happiness?
In fact he gave us happiness in learning new things without fears, which is quite rare in nowadays schools.
I won’t forget him for sure and I won’t forget how much he liked my smile.
I won’t forget the good marks he gave me.
He will have for sure, a place in my thoughts forever.


Phil Marx said...

I have very good memories of many of my teachers, from grade school through college. I would say that at a young age, the most important quality for a teacher is to truely listen to the student; understanding him and his unique needs and ways of looking at the world.

In college, I would frequently ask questions that went beyond the required curriculum. I never had an instructor who would hesitate to make time to talk, about anything. I think part of it was because they were flattered. So many students only want to read the book and go home, but I wanted to pick their expert minds for more in-depth knowledge.

But part of it was also that they were just happy to help spawn the further development of another's mind. Sometimes they would talk of former student who had done something noteworthy. You could see and hear the pride as they spoke, as if this were a child they helped to raise.

zahra said...

lucky u were.
it's not the case here in Algeria
I got few months before a teacher of maths, who took my paper of exam and threw it just because I didn't write in abreviation and explained step by step my work
I was crying in the middle of the exam with no paper to finish my answers till one teacher went to the rubbish and brought it to me so i could restart the exam
but i didn't stop there. i made a big complanation and he appologized like a stupid, silly, .... guy.........
shit wid these kinds of teachers.!!!!