Thursday, May 29, 2008

From the primary school

My memories of school days:

Are they simply memories? Was I really like this when I was a child?
These are the questions I always ask myself whenever I remember my school days.
I hardly could stay on the chair! I was really naughty, I used to walk; to talk, to run in the school. During the primary school I was the one I dream about today.
I mean .. that active girl I used to be. But this doesn’t mean that I wasn’t cute.
In fact all my teachers liked me so much because I was hardworking and very interested in what I was doing.

My class was quite big and full of painting and other pictures: the alphabet, animals, etc.
I remember also that I had very special blouses; I used to like them too much.
The teacher was for me as a member of my family. I enjoyed talking to her, telling her jokes and stories.

We had also a canteen or what we call (the place of freedom), you know why?
Because we used to be as evils there, throwing apples from one table to another one, telling fun stories and playing most of time.
It was more a place where we could make the monitor mad than where we ate.

In the middle school; I started to have an artistic spirit, writing poems and short stories for the parties of the end of the year.
I started drawing also but in vain I stopped when I went to university. I also had the reputation of a very smart student with the highest marks I got during that period.

In the high school, I enjoyed my time with the new teacher.
I remember the one of philosophy used to make us eat the paper if we talk or do math exercises during her course.
The teacher of math used to comment our clothes. It was really funny!
My best friend was called Miriam; together we used to disturb our teachers all the time with questions and exercises, especially when we reached the last year in exact science class.

These are some of my school days memories
Time of enjoyment, time of childish behavior also!
When I look back now, I know that these years will last forever. And of course if I had the choice I’d live them again.


Phil Marx said...

When I entered middle school, I was very shy. We had moved to a new area of town and I didn't know many people yet. On the first day of class, I saw one person I recognized from years past.

When I first started to talk with him, he was scared of me. He remembered me as the kid who used to beat others up and steal his crayons in the second grade.

Eventually he figured out that I was not the same kind of little monster that I had been in my younger days. He could have turned on me and been mean for revenge. Instead, he and I became best friends through the end of high school.

The books meant very little for me in school. I could set down by myself and read an encyclopedia for to learn that knowledge. It was the friendships such as this and the iteractive relationships with many of my teachers that made school a memorable experience for me.

zahra said...

yea ur right concerning the last point you talked about.

I liked ur memories about school.
hope u enjoyed reading mine even though it's full of mistakes i'm sure
all the writings are completly mines and no one helps me to write them.