Thursday, May 29, 2008

horror story by ME

Some time in the past, there was a small family living in a modest house in the middle of a dark wood.
The four people had been living a comfortable and calm life in that natural place. They had everything to be happy together, sharing the work, the joys and the experiences day by day in big complicity.

One day, when they were taking their dinner, they heard suddenly a noise coming from the outside.
They had looked from the window but they couldn’t notice anything.
It was coming from the garden. . No…… from that old tree in the garden
Yea! It was a huge noise; no! ! ! It was weak but very big at the same time
Like if someone was crying, asking for help, imploring with a painful cry
Yea! They could hear it clearly when they got out of the house.
Is there anyone here? : Sir John asked with a quivering voice.
Is there anyone here? Hey, hey!!

Suddenly, the noise stopped, the birds formed a big circle in the sky, and started to turn around the house for long hours. The rain had been extremely heavy, the wind was moving the trees left and right, except that one, except the old tree there.

Awfully scared, they decided to go home, to sleep and to forget everything.
But in the middle of the night, the noise started again. This time it was very clear, very frightening
It was a very painful cry. They went all out running.
The old tree was surrounded with black roses and thorn. John’s daughter came near it.
She glimpsed a young girl crying and shouting: dad, dad, dad… why did u do this dad?
Like a bright, she disappeared before Marie could touch her.

The family didn’t know that it was going to be the beginning of a long series of weird events.
Every night, they heard the same noise in the ground of the house.
The same voice mumbling: daddy, daddy, daddy..
Why did u do this daddy?
All were wondering what was this?
What was happening? The spirit had broken everything in their house.
A spirit? Who said it was? …………….. Yea it was a spirit, a spirit of a young girl; of a young child
Every night had been a nightmare for them, voices of steps walking in every place in the house till the parents’ room, dark atmosphere, and doors getting opened and closed in a very violent way.
Knives were thrown at their parents’ room. Was that really the spirit?
The father was the most stressed and anxious person. Why then?
His youngest daughter wondered why?
She decided to go and to see the freak plants around the tree.
She started to hollow out, till she found something.
No one could believe it! There were stones, stones of a human being.
Marie went running to her father, and asked him from where did the stones come?
He started to cry and to say: I’m sorry! i didn’t want to do it; I didn’t want to do it.
There were stones of his eldest daughter who felt down from the tree many years ago.
The spirit was his daughter, who died in front of his eyes and he didn’t do anything to save her.
When they had been together trying to touch the birds, she accidently felt down and he didn’t took his hand.
He let her die and buried her under the tree.
Now, her spirit is back to take vengeance on him! ! ! !


Phil Marx said...

I think that if someone give you a video camera, you will become a very famous movie-maker.

zahra said...

all my friends think so
u should see me at school, from a simple word, i invent a story and make all poeple laughing.