Thursday, May 29, 2008

it's because i don't like it that i write about it

The military service

In Algeria, men have many responsibilities and things to learn in order to build their mentality of mature persons.
Studies, work, experience in all stuffs, and also the military service which is obligatory here.

The military service has many advantages:
It’s a good way to learn the meaning of managing life and things.
As we take it far from our house, it helps to become independent from the family
We learn to cook, to wash our clothes, to prepare everything for ourselves.
It’s also known for all kinds of sports we do there to make the body strong.
What’s more is that we protect our country; we manage to use arms and to defend the territory.
It teaches us how to live in order to succeed and to make the good choices.

But as it has advantages, it has disadvantages also:
We can be killed while we are training.
We’ll spend too much time far from our relatives, we can meet bad people there and we‘ll be influenced by them.
We can become also too authoritarian and this will change our behavior toward our family and friends. When we are too organized and do everything in order and rules, people won’t feel relax with this, we’ll be controlling them , and it’s bad!!

Personally, I think that it is not a very good thing here in Algeria to take a military service, because it’s too dangerous and risky.
I do believe that defending the country is a good thing but not when you are sent to the mountain to catch terrorists, so the one who wants to build his maturity can do it with strength in himself without any external factor


Phil Marx said...

I would start here by commenting on the need for a military. I believe there will always be people who seek to take advantage of others. When people (individuals and countries) are not willing and able to defend themselves, eventually they will be attacked by someone. Among nations, having a capable military is the only way to ensure that they are not abused by others.

Now please don't misunderstand me and think I am some type of warmonger. Even if I have absolutely no intention of ever acting offensively towards another, if I am not prepared for their attacks, I actually invite them. I believe history proves this point with little room for debate.

Regarding the formalities of military service, I guess I would also say I believe that is necessary. Most people probably would not want to live their entire lives in such a structured manner. But going through this type of training means that when the time comes that it is necessary to use the military, all persons involved will be able to automatically fall back on this training.

On the other hand, perhaps it's not necessary to force every person to serve in the military. If enough people volunteer to serve then maybe it should not be required. I suppose each country is different in the number of people who really wish to join the military and the threats to the country.

Are females also required to serve in the military in Algeria?

zahra said...

no women aren't but they can join it if they want in order to work for 30 years
they are accepted in all things except air force and medecine
my wish was the air force and to become a pilot but i couldn't make my dream come true
any way, this is life!!