Thursday, April 9, 2009

Algerian police men...

I had the right to see this wonderdul scene more than 4 times in half an hour while waiting for the bus.
Why do they stop people all the time for no reason?? the question is still waiting for a smart one to reply it.

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Phil Marx said...

The police are our friends, and they never do wrong. So when they stop someone for apparantly no reason, it is simply because that person looked lost and they were being kind to offer assistance.

And the fact that their eyes dart suspiciously throughout your car as they are talking to you or perhaps they decide to physically search your car, even though you've done nothing wrong, is also kindness on their part. There may be a scorpion crawling about there waiting to strike and you would never know unless they had nosed into your business.

So be glad, for one rule is as true in Algeria or United States as well as every other country. And that rule is that the agents of the state are always there to help their citizens, not to harass them.

And of course, anyone who questions their kindness (harassment) is automatically suspect themselves for merely asking the question. So be careful my fried, and hope those kind policemen do not read your blog. If they do, one day they wander over to the bus stop and ask if you need any help. After all, you were staring at them and taking pictures, and that is quite suspicious.