Friday, April 3, 2009

A simple day...

What a day! What a day!
In my life, there was nothing new today.
The same boring planned life is going on.
My uncle is feeling worse. No one could sleep last night hearing him shouting because of the pain he was feeling.
I could hardly get some energy to go to school and meet José in the afternoon.
Back home, I found all the family in the hospital. He was again feeling bad.
The strangest thing is the cause of this accident. I firstly doubted that it was because of the rain, as I know he is a good driver.
I wasn’t wrong, actually. While driving he received a big stone on his head, it destroyed the windscreen and made a serious injury in his head.
He is unable to see, to talk, or to walk alone.
Such a sad situation doesn’t make me feel relax. I can hardly look at him, and I try my hard to spend most of the day out of the house.
People still coming and going to visit him for no reason. Honestly, he doesn’t even know who he is.
The small guy helping him in his pizzeria is all the time here at home trying to feed him and taking care of him.
What an honorable behavior!
This event affected me too much. Life is too short, this is something I know.
I know also that we all finish by dying one day; I know also that nothing lasts.
But between all what life makes me see daily and my personal convictions about the human being aptitude I feel quit lost, I feel sad, and I feel afraid.
Changing our lives styles is not a solution, but facing new challenges, new worries, and new deceptions is what make people grow up. At least, that’s what all of you think and say.
I still not sure about any choice I made in my life, I still don’t know what should I do the coming days, months or may be years.
However, I am sure of one thing, no matter what I will get in this world, nothing can change the one I am.
To finish, I would to apologize for not writing in English last days.
I promise you some good articles the coming days

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Phil Marx said...

¡No pasa nada! Los posts recientemente proveer lecciones para aprender la lengua.

Also, some of your photos translate easily into any language.

I am still searching for some good photos of myself and my house to send to you, Zahra.