Monday, April 13, 2009


13 April 2009
We are still waiting. This time we are waiting differently because we know what we are waiting for.
We are waiting for him to open his eyes.
Finally, I could get some ideas for my exposition in Spanish.
Now that I remember it, I still didn’t meet Raquel. A girl spending some days here with my friend José, who I had to take out for walks.
Life is really tiring in this country. I can hardly manage it.
In 24 hours, I argued billion of times and it was always for meaningless reasons.
Sometimes I think that being idealist in such a mediocre world is a source of worries and misunderstood situations.
The last fight that I finished my day with was about my cooking courses, in which my uncle asked me to give to a cousin all my courses.
I know that explaining you such a simple thing won’t be easy, as you’ll be asking me: where is the problem in doing so.
My answer, even though, not that convincing is really obvious.
Any one preparing a career got secrets that make the difference between his job and the one done by others.
Cooking is my love and many people think that I’ll finish married to a kitchen.
I feel sometimes that I am alive for one and only one reason: learning well everything about cooking and giving the best of the best for this industry.
On of the bases of my religion is giving every single good thing you have and share it with people.
Of course, I don’t act oppositely to it, but I don’t think that everything can be shared, or at least, there are things that you can’t share with anyone just because you give them a huge importance while the shared one is just a member of a fun group of it.
And this is the situation in which I found myself today.
As a human being, I am sure that I commit a billion of mistakes daily.
However, I am sure of one more thing, my mistakes never affect anyone‘s feelings and I am proud of it.
I guess judgment isn’t an easy thing. That’s why people study law for long years and even after that, keeps needing some help and point of views to come to a final opinion concerning a specific situation.

I don’t think that I can allow myself to judge someone, no matter who he is.
But in the other side, I can judge myself comparing to what I live with, and this is my right and my total freedom.
It is the freedom that makes me say that I am not a good Spanish speaker but I am a good hotel manager.
The same thing happens in my daily life. And with the same logic, I judge that offers of jobs aren’t suitable, food is not tasty, brown is an awful color, summer is a hard season, analyzing projects is a boring module… etc
All is question of tastes and according to my tastes I judge that “x” or “y” is a suitable thing for me or isn’t.
Life is before everything a moderate behavior that we should have toward each others and as a Muslim I do strongly believe that the only one having the right to judge people is God and except him, to judge you should have the ability to accept that others behave same way with you.

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