Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A conversation

Life seems quit strange, now that you don’t belong to it
Uf! Telling you about my daily life here isn’t something pleasing, because you simply don’t appear in any moment of it.
I wonder sometimes it the Mediterranean sea separating our two continents makes you feel how big I miss you.
So do you really feel it? ………
Well, lets forget about the question, I already know that between the streets, the museums, the churches and the mosques there around you, you can hardly get few seconds to remember my words.

However, I wonder if I should doubt that even the brightening color of the water under our favorite bridge, on the left side of the map also doesn’t give my smile any chance to enter quickly your thoughts of the day.

I hate cats; do you still have that lazy one? I really don’t hope so. I don’t hide from you that I prefer to be jealous from a human being.
Prince, prince, prince….when will we move to talk about princesses, or may be some less complicated words just like: sweets, roses……. Or may be flowers.
I really like this word, don’t you?
Oh yes, It makes you think about women.
Women, women, women, women… can anyone correct the grammar mistake in this sentence?
By the way, once the mistake corrected, don’t forget to tell me who is the woman kicking out of your life all women..

Darling, I am still the same talkative one. What about you? Do you still sleeping early.
Oh no! it can’t be!
Reasons to be happy for exist: you favorite color is still the green one?
Great, because me too, I love it.
I was walking last week in the street and I stopped at a small shop close to my house, it was selling mangos, and … oranges.
Yes, yes, yes, now you are asking me why I didn’t buy some.

Easy, I preferred to get myself some strawberries and pineapples.
Summer is a great season, I wish to eat some watermelon in it, and I wish to see some books of civil engineering.
May be I would like also to listen to someone speaking a new language that I don’t know.
I wish the 27th of july will come quickly so that I finish with school and can take the plane.
But I am afraid of the European Union. It already made hard for me to visit Spain and Greece.
Keep away from it! My dream is still Asian.

Yes, yes, yes. you feel sleepy! I told you, you didn’t change. It is 10pm. Your time to sleep
With the sweetest words on this earth, I wish you good night

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